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Can you eat in or just carry out?

Mainly carry out. I think they have one picnic table outside

How much are your large crabs by the dozen? 1/2 bushel

We paid $139 for a dozen extra large crabs, worth it.

Can you get crabs on Christmas day

Not here

How far from Dunes Hotel

Shared route From Dunes Manor Hotel, Court & Suites to Best Crabs via MD-528 N. 15 min (6.6 mi) 15 min in current traffic 1. Head north on Baltimore Ave toward 29th St 2. Turn left onto 31st St 3. Turn right onto MD-528 N/Philadelphia Ave 4. Turn left onto 142nd St/Frankford Ave 5. Turn right onto Sinepuxent Ave 6. Turn right onto 143rd St 7. Turn right onto MD-528 S 8. Arrive at location: Best Crabs For the best route in current traffic visit

Do you have steam crabs and prices?

The crabs and the shrimp are awesome. Very nice people too.

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